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Hey there.


  I am Blake Olivia, a fashion designer, based in Atlanta, GA. I began sewing in Green Bay, WI in 2016 where I taught myself how to sew. That was an interesting journey in itself. Lets just say I'm glad I stayed the course. I specialize in beachwear, however, I have a secret love for vintage clothing and hope to sprinkle that style into my upcoming designs. 

 The collections I create are a depiction of my life, energy, and imagination at the moment of creating them. I am excited for my passion God has given me and I hope to empower the woman wearing my creation, making them feel fearless, confident and comfortable.

  Blake Olivia is a beachwear and clothing company that provides exclusive styles and fabrics to its customers. Our mission is to create trend breaking beachwear and clothing for women that are of comfort, great quality and expression. At Blake Olivia we live by character, integrity, community and education. We implement this through teaching sewing classes, speaking to our youth, volunteering in our community and creating quality products by hand that we are proud of.  Our vision is to create beachwear that women can bring with them all over the world that empowers them to feel free, beautiful, and limitless.


  Each design is unique and limited. You can’t find these exact styles and fabrics anywhere! So I hope you shop with us and I hope my pieces make you feel BOLD!

XO- Blake Olivia