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I am Blake Bolton, a fashion designer, based out of Atlanta, GA. I began sewing in Green Bay, WI in 2016 where I taught myself the ins and outs of sewing. A few fashion shows, pop up shops, and pieces later, I have this website to showcase my passion and projects.

Some of the first garments I made were swimsuits, which I have found a love for in the midst of teaching myself the basic mechanics of designing. The collections I create are a depiction of my life, energy, and imagination at the moment of creating them. I am excited for my talent God has given me and I hope to empower the woman or man wearing my creation, making them feel fearless, confident and comfortable.

Each design is unique and limited. You can’t find these exact swimsuits anywhere! So I hope you shop with us and I hope my pieces make you feel boundless.



XO- Blake

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